Biothane Dog Tracking Leash

Material: BioThane / BETA Soft Super Heavy

Colour: Tan

Width: 16 mm


  • 5 m / 16.6 feet
  • 10 m / 33 feet

* With handle and without handle

Biothane Dog Tracking Leash


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Biothane Dog Tracking Leash

Made from a revolutionary Biothane® material that is 100% waterproof, remains soft, wipes clean in seconds and is easy to grip (even when wet). Our All Weather Biothane leashes have the look and feel of leather, but with superior strength and no maintenance.Quality brass fittings do not rust.

With unmatched performance in any weather conditions this leash is a favorite with police, military and sport enthusiasts.


  • Ideal for sweaty hands
  • Ideal in wet weather
  • Ideal playing in water
  • Size: 10 m leash
  • Suitable for dog tracking


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