NEW Collar with Handle, nylon / Strong Dog Collar Made of 2 Ply Nylon

Model: CL-045

Material: Nylon

Color: Black


Width: 50 mm

Size: 50 cm - 60 cm ( 19.7 -23.6 inches)


Size - Charts

NEW Collar with Handle, nylon / Strong Dog Collar Made of 2 Ply Nylon


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Tactical military dog collar / Nylon collar with handle

This tactical military collar 4 or 5 cm wide collar features 2 ply nylon webbing, with handle.


Nylon dog collar is a perfect choice of a reliable tool for control over a medium to large size dog. We use quality nylon to serve you a good service preserving its look and durability. Nylon dog collar with handle is a comfortable tool for dog walking and training. It is comfortable to grab your dog when it is needed, in a training session or in public to keep it close.

This strong dog collar has a quick-release buckle (metal) for easy and comfortable use. The length of dog collar is adjusted (see the sizes).

Nylon dog collar with handle is one of the most favourite accessories of our customers. Choose this best-seller nylon dog collar with handle for your dog and try its functionality, durability and quality.


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If you haven't found the required size of the collar or have other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make one for you. 

Also Velcro for patch is available on request FREE of charge. 


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