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We are manufacturing company ( PRIDE ) and offered professional handmade dog stuff for dog training and dog sport (IPO and Dog Sports Training Equipment - Police, Army, Prison and Service Dog Training Equipment - Pet Equipment) and for pets owners.




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We offer pet supplies wholesale.
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+353 860828083 offers an excellent selection of dog training equipment at very reasonable prices. Please view some of the great products that we offer: from puppy to adult dogs, equipment for bite work training (Collars and Tactical Military Dog Collars and Working Harnesses, Leads, Tugs and Rugs, Bite Pillow,  Balls and Fun / Motivation Toys,  Magnet Balls and Rolls, Sport Equipment  and supplies for pets). Also we have big selection professional dog training stuff (Bite Suite, Protection Sleeves, Bite Pads, Whips, Muzzles, Tracking gear  and another dog accessories), and dog handlers stuff (Clothes, Treat Bags, Handlers Vests and Handler Belts), Equipment for Dog Sport (SchH / IPO, Ring Sport), for police dogs and Dog Units.

We made dog equipment from different materials: strong Leather, Nylon, Neoprene and Biothane®, Metal.


Our dog harnesses are perfect for dog walking, running, hiking, tracking, hunting, dog obedience training, military dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, service dogs, IPO, Sport, emergency rescue dogs. is a Ireland based business, but we welcome orders from international customers.


WORLDWIDE SHIPPING !!! Ireland / North Ireland, UK, EU, North and South America, Asia,  Israel, Australia, New Zealand ...








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